Society for Creative Anachronism

A brief history

  The SCA started with a tournament themed, outdoor party in Berkeley, California hosted by some history buffs and science fiction/fantasy fans in 1966.  The party was a big hit and a second was planned.  The name "The Society for Creative Anachronism" was invented and things took off from there. Three years later, a second chapter was formed on the east coast and called the East Kingdom to distinguish it from the West Kingdom.  The California chapter incorporated the SCA as a non-profit educational society.  Since 1966, the Society has grown to nineteen kingdoms covering the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia.

  The Shire of Ravenwood was formed in 1978.   In October of 1979, our branch name was registered in the newly formed Kingdom of Meridies(1978 - -the fifth kingdom formed)

Our shire device was registered with the Society in October 2004:

     Per fess sable and vert, on a fess argent three ravens contourney regardent each perched atop a branch sable and in base a laurel wreath argent

For the Newcomer

An excellent place for the newcomer to start is the Society's resource page for newcomers.   

More useful resource links may be found on our Links page.

Come to one of our meetings and find members with similar interests.  Arrange to go to an event near you.  We can help with advice and loaner garb.  Our Chatelaine is the officer who guides newcomers and promotes and recruits new members to the SCA.

When you fall in love with the New Middle Ages, you will probably want to join the SCA.  Membership is not required to play but it does have benefits.  When attending our events, non-members are asked to make a reasonable attempt at dressing in pre-17th century attire and will be charged an additional non-member surcharge at the gate.

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